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Demand Management: Your Tool for Requesting New IT Services

Many Freie Universität members have expressed a desire for an improvement in the way that IT services can be requested and expanded. In response to this, and as a result of the FUtureIT project, we have now introduced two new services: Demand Management and Portfolio Management. Demand Management provides a central channel through which all members of Freie Universität Berlin can submit requests for new IT services.

Demand Management

Demand Management is a tool that any member of Freie Universität Berlin can use to submit requests for new IT services or to request that an existing IT service be expanded. This new process will provide an improved structure to help organize IT service needs at Freie Universität.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management concerns the management of IT services at Freie Universität Berlin from the perspective of their entire lifecycle – from the request/idea/suggestion of a new IT service until it is phased out.

Portfolio Board

The Portfolio Board has been set up to ensure that requests are representative of the overall interests of Freie Universität. It is responsible for preparing the final proposal to the Executive Board when it comes to making decisions on big changes to IT services, introducing new IT services, or phasing out existing IT services. The preparation for these proposals will be carried out by the Service Portfolio Manager and the Demand Manager, two positions that have been recently created for this purpose. The board plans to meet two to four times per year, depending on the number of requests and in accordance with the university’s needs.

The Portfolio Board will play a large role in determining how IT services at Freie Universität Berlin will develop in the future.

The form for submitting a request for a new IT service can be found below. Submitted requests are collected centrally before being coordinated and processed in accordance with the process depicted above. Please help us make your request a reality by describing your needs as precisely as possible.

Additionally, please refrain from naming any specific products/manufacturers in your request. We also ask that you use the form to clearly describe all the desired functions of the new/expanded IT service.  

Some examples of these are:

a) The introduction of an electronic workflow for submitting, approving, and recording vacation requests

b) The introduction of a new IT service for carrying out scientific computing in the cloud.

Anyone who uses Freie Universität’s IT services has the right to submit a request.

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You can view a list of the open IT service requests, including their status, at www.fu-berlin.de/sites/futureit/demand-management/feedback.  

Please feel free to give us feedback – are there any open requests that would also be of interest to your department?

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